The numbers beside the name indicates the number of parts you need to print.





Wheel Gear x 18


Wheel Main Hub x 6

Wheel Outer Hub.jpg

Wheel Outer Hub x 6

Wheel Support Hub.jpg

Wheel Support Hub x 6

You can purchase tires here:

6 Tires

12 Tires

18 Tires

You need a set of at least six tires to create set of thin wheels. Use more tires for thicker wheels.


idler thin.jpg

Idler Gear x 4

motor mount.jpg

Motor Mount x 2

Line Support.jpg

Trimmer Line Head x 1


Chassis Top Rear.jpg

Chassis Top Rear x 1

Chassis Top Front v1.jpg

Chassis Top Front x 1

weapon mount v1.jpg

Weapon Mount V1 x 1

top front assembly.jpg

Chassis Top Front Full x 1