The PBOD (Plastic Bot of Destruction) was a project I did for Servo Magazine.  It was a four part series and ran from November, 2013 to February, 2013.


Printed Parts

You can download the STL files so you can print your own parts for the PBOD here: STL Files

The purple PBOD in the above banner was printed in PLA with my MakerGear M2 3D printer. The white PBOD was printed in ABS with my Afina 3D printer.


Laser Cut Tires

A set of laser cut tires can be purchased from the KRCNC web site located here: PBOD Tires


Motor Update

It looks like SparkFun has discontinued the ROB-12008 motors. While the ROB-12007 motors can be used they are a little too fast for the bot and make it hard to control when using a 3Cell battery.

The following is a motor that I was using that from Amazon. It fits the motor mount and has the same shaft diameter. You will have to mount them on opposite corners of the craft as they have a longer length than the ROB-12008 motors. They do provide excellent torque and a good speed when used with a 3Cell LiPo battery.  In addition they fit the same motor mount and the gears will still pressfit them as they did the other motors.


The original PBOD prototype:


Here is a PBOD equipped with a Hero 3 camera for wireless POV operation.