Just Too Crowded

After finishing up a magazine series for Servo Magazine I found that my current workshop is getting too crowded.

Even with some creative storage, I just don't have the room to start any more new projects/books.

Here is a quick tour of my current shop so you can see that I don't have the room to start a project like my Plasma Cutter CNC workbook.


Originally I was looking into building a new 20x30 structure near the house.  For various reasons, this was not feasible.  I decided to use the poll barn I built back in 1999.

The barn is 24 x 36 and has a loft area with an electric wench that lets me move items to the top story.


The goal after some engineering changes is to add a suspended floor for the lower shop area.  A stairway will be added to the second floor where the computer lab will be located.